Kari Finn

Company was established 1965 by Mauno Kari, who invented the Multilevel Float Switch. At first the company name was T:mi Mauno Kari and it employed one person. As the business grew, the name was changed to Kari-Finn Ky. Kari-Finn Ky began to make itself the plastic parts it needed for the float switches. And as there was capacity left, it also began to produce plastic parts for other industrial companies in Lahti region. 1988 Kari-Finn Ky was divided into two companies: Kari-Finn Oy making float switches and its subsidiary company Muovisto Oy making plastic parts.

Kari Float Switch was presented 1977 at International Inventors Fair in Brussels, and it was awarded Gold medal and Brussels town medal for a product being widely exported (all European countries, USA, South-Africa, and Japan). Since that Kari Finn has expanded the area to Kenya, Australia and New Zealand. Today Kari-Finn Oy employees 14 people and Muovisto 5 people.


Erik-Jan Visser