High-Pressure (Bourdon tube) Gauges

17 October 2017
WIKA launches two new pressure gauges, specially designed for scale ranges up to 6000 bar. The new WIKA PG23HP-P and WIKA PG23HP-S are now available at GMS Instruments.

WIKA has recently launched an entirely new set of bourdon tube pressure gauges, specially developed for high-pressure. The new WIKA PG23HP-P and PG23HP-S are the first high-pressure gauges on the market that have been constructed and qualified following the new DIN 16001 high-pressure standards. 

With the new PG23HP-P and PG23HP-S bourdon tube pressure gauges, the operator has an answer matched to each high-pressure application. The WIKA PG23HP-P features scale ranges of up to 6,000 bar and a high indication accuracy of up to class 0.6 %. Its load cycle stability lies clearly over the requirements of the standard and is even maintained with dynamic pressure profiles. The PG23HP-S version is designed for lower measuring and accuracy requirements.