3-Way Temperature Control Valves

AMOT G valves are 3-way control valves consisting of a heavy duty rotary valve and either a quarter turn electric or pneumatic actuator. The valves provide a high degree of accuracy and repeatability for accurate temperature control and are equally accurate in mixing or diverting service over a wide flow range.

The heavy duty rotor design provides tight temperature control without high maintenance requirements. The system is available in three standard control configurations: electric;pneumatic; and electro-pneumatic, offering flexibility for most requirements. Designed for high vibration service, the AMOT G valves are qualified to Lloyd’s Marine Requirements for shipboard service. Valves can be directly mounted to reciprocating machinery, such as diesel engines, without vibration isolation. The heavy duty actuators are specially reinforced to provide vibration resistance.


  • Ease of integration - valve size matches pipe size, resulting in reduced installation time and installation costs
  • Flexible design - ports can be configured to suit installation
  • Low pressure drop - compared to other valve types
  • Small physical size
  • Hand wheel allows manual adjustment of valve (optional on pneumatic valve) - simplified set up and maintenance