Speed Sensors

The speed sensors are designed to measure diesel engine RPM for use in the automatic electric or automatic electric-to-pneumatic overspeed protection systems. The sensors are usually mounted to detect the diesel engine flywheel RPM. There are three models of spees senors available at GMS Instruments:

  • 11408X Magnetic Pickup
  • 8017 Hazardous Area Magnetic Pickup
  • 4031 Magnetic Pickup


The 8017 Proximity Transducer is a hermetically sealed miniature electromagnetic transducer, which may be mounted adjacent to rotating machinery, such as an engine starter ring, or a coupling with protruding bolt heads, and produces an electrical signal for use by other equipment. It needs no power supply

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  • Permanent magnet RPM sensor
  • Fits in standard ¾ inch UNF hole in flywheel housing
  • Sends pulse signal to CSX-300 or AMOT 8210 range speed switches
  • Rubber boot included for sensor leads
  • Available installation kit includes toggle switch, dashboard label and shielded cable
  • High output voltage signal
  • Superior performance at high temperatures
  • Reliable heavy-duty wiring harness available
  • Very long service life