Air Products

Air Products touches the lives of consumers around the globe in positive ways every day.


AK GlobalTech (ALCOMATE) is a full-service breathalyzer company, providing calibration, repair, distribution and retail services, as well as development and integration of advanced testing applications.


AMOT Controls is an engine protection business providing control solutions to a wide range of industries including oil and gas, power generation, rail and marine.

Aqua Metro

Aqua Metro is founded in 1928 in Basel Switzerland.


AS-Schneider is among the world's leading manufacturers of Instrumentation Valves, Manifolds, Accessories and Piping Products with approximately 350 employees.


Today's consumers are spoilt for choice. To succeed in the market place therfore, products need to be more than just functional.


Bitzer is a specialist in refrigeration and air conditioning technology since 1934. Bitzer can draw on decades of expertise and became one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of refrigeration compressors.


Brannan-Rexotherm is a leading European manufacturer of Diesel Exhaust Thermometers and Scoop Thermometers, operating from factories in England and Sweden. By developing automated production machinery and us


For 20 years, BW Technologies by Honeywell has been a Canadian-based, industry-leading producer of innovative gas detection instrumentation.


Clorius Controls was established in 1902 with development and production of equipment for temperature control.

CMT Monitoring Systems

CMT Monitoring Systems based in Germany is a specialised manufacturer of on-line and on-site condition monitoring solutions.


Crowcon Detection Instruments has a mission to protect people and plant from gas hazards.

Cygnus Instruments

Cygnus Instruments is a pioneer in the development of the ultrasonic multiple echo technique used for material thickness measurement through coatings.


Right from Mads Clausen’s first inventions, Danfoss has been devoted to developing innovative products that meet the customers’ needs for today and tomorrow.


Dräger is a leading international company in the fields of medical and safety technology.

Extech Instruments

The Extech Instruments Division is a manufacturer and supplier of 15 major product categories of technically advanced, portable meters including multimeters, clamp meters, electrical testers, and environmental meters for the me


FLEXIM is known for its cutting edge engineering and quality ultrasonic Flowmeters. Ultrasonic flow measurement has become a standard for BTU measurement.


FLIR was founded in 1978, originally providing infrared imaging systems that were installed on vehicles for use in conducting energy audits.


Although technology is always evolving, one demand on our products never changes: the need for customer safety. Whenever we contribute to customer safety, we are presented with an opportunity to develop further.

GE Measurement & Control

GE Measurement & Control continues a long legacy of leadership and innovation as a member of the GE family of companies.

Kari Finn

Kari-Finn Oy is a Finnish family-owned company, with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing devices for surface level monitoring and control.

Komyo Kitawaga

In the gas measurement field, KOMYO RIKAGAKU KOGYO K.K. is continually working on new developments.

Lehmann & Michels

Lehmann & Michels GmbH manufacture diesel, gas, steam and compressor engine condition monitoring and performance analysis systems for the marine industry.


Lion operates from its own purpose built premises in Barry, South Wales, United Kingdom, and is specialised in the field of breath alcohol analysis.


Marinfloc AB is, together with its associated company, Marin Miljöteknik AB, one of the leading companies in the world designing and selling effective Bilge -oily and wastewater treatment products for the marine-, naval- and of


MSA is the largest company dedicated to producing a complete range of equipment and systems for workers and plant protection.

Opticon benelux

Opticon benelux is a Dutch company specialized in borescopes, video scopes and x-ray instruments.


Polimaster was founded in 1992 by Mr Alexander Antonovsky. Polimaster has more than 200 specialists working in different countries, who produces products of high demand, which meet international needs.

Prisma Tibro

Prisma Teknik has 24 years' experience of developing and manufacturing unique, high-quality products with advanced and reliable technology.


QMI has been designing, developing and selling instruments since the 1960's. They aim at supplying something different.

Riken Keiki

Riken Keiki is a Japanese company founded in 1939.

Rivertrace Engineering

Rivertrace Engineering Limited is an ISO9001 Quality Assured Company and market leader with over 30 years experience of Oil in Water monitoring. In the early years the product range was limite

RKI Instruments

RKI Instruments, Inc. is an innovative gas detection company located in Union City, California.

SEMA Gases

SEMA Gases is originally a Dutch brand of span gases in disposable cylinder cans started from the desire to create a brand which is applicable for all brands of gas detection equipment.


As the world expert in gas analysis, Servomex has established itself as the leading provider of reliable, accurate and stable gas measurement solutions to industries across the globe.


All over the world, Siemens provides future-proof automation, drive technology, industrial software, and services based on best-in-class technology platforms like Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) or Integrated Drive Systems


Over 100 years ago, the company’s founders, Dr. Carl Siebert und Albert Kühn, recognised an increasing demand for technically high quality, precision thermometers and glass apparatus. They founded the company Dr.


Tokico is a from origin Japanese company. Tokico could be seen as a big development, manufacturing and seller of instrumentation equipment in the world.


Trafag, a Swiss-based company, founded in 1942, is backed by a large sales and service network in over 40 countries across the world.


Tritex NDT have developed a range of products using a wealth of experience and unique understanding of all aspects of thickness gauging. Their technicians pioneered multiple echo into hand-held instruments in the early 1980’s.


U-F-M delivers solutions and instruments for ultrasound flow and level measurements.


UNIPHOS Envirotronic Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of LPG/CNG portable Leak Detectors, Fixed/O


WIKA is world market leader in producing the best pressure gauges and temperature measurement instruments available on today market.