HDU 15/25 PV

The CJC HDU 15/25 PV is a fine filter for offline oil filtration in hydraulic power transmission, lubrication, cooling, and small quench-oil systems. Particularly useful for filtering high-viscosity lubricants in gearboxes on wind turbine transmissions.

The filter is a 3-micron absolute filter with a high dirt-holding capacity and a cellulose-based filter insert that removes particles, retains oil degradation products (oxidation, resin/sludge, varnish), and absorbs dissolved/emulsified and free water from oil. 

Special inserts, which do not absorb water, are available on request. 


As the HDU 15/25 is designed as a modular system, it is possible to turn a HDU 15/25 into a PTU 15/25 by retrofitting the separate coalescer housing and changing the insert type to BLA 15/25. This process changes the water separation method from absorption to coalescing, which is suitable for larger amounts of water and resulting in a reduction of maintenance costs!