CAS 1080 Temperature Switch

The Danfoss CAS 1080 2-step thermostats are temperature controlled switches. The position of the contacts depends on the temperature of the sensor and the setting of the thermostat. In this series, special attention has been given to meeting demands for a high level of enclosure, robust and compact construction, and resistance to shock and vibration. The Danfoss CAS series covers most outdoor as well as indoor application requirements. CAS thermostats are suitable for use in monitoring and alarm systems in factories, diesel plant, compressors, power stations and on board ship.


  • 2 x SPDT micro switch 
  • Contact load: 220V ac, 0.1 A, AC-14 and AC-15 (inductive load) or 125V dc, 12W DC-13 (inductive load) 
  • Ambient temperature: -25 °C to +70 °C 
  • Vibration resistance: Stable in the range 2-30 Hz, amplitude 1.1 mm and 30-100 Hz, 4G 
  • Enclosure: IP67 (IEC 529 / DIN 40050) 
  • Cable entry: 2 x Pg 13.5