KP44 Dual Pressure Switch

The Danfoss KP44  dual pressure switch is designed for use as a pump guard to control and protect supply water pumps. It combines the functions of a pressure switch and a flow monitoring device. The lefthand pressure bellows control the pump pressure. The righthand bellows cut out the pump if the suction pressure is too low. In this way, the pump is protected from running dry and consequent bearing damage.


  • Wide regulation range 
  • For pumps or compressors Small dimensions; space-saving & easy to install 
  • Ultra-short bounce times: Limit wear to a minimum and increases reliability 
  • Electrical connection from front of unit makes rack mounting easier and saves space 
  • Suitable for both ac and dc power 
  • Cable entry for 6-14 mm (diameter) cables 
  • Screwed cable entry (standards Pg 13.5 & 16) makes rewiring easy 
  • Efficient protection of water pumps in case of water supply fails