OEM Cylinder Pressure Transmitter Type MBS 1800

Sensor for optimized service life for continuous pressure monitoring in diesel and gas engines. Due to its outstanding precision and long term stability of its quality, this sensor is suitable for demanding monitoring and control tasks. 

The sensor contains numerous innovative details like the Double-Shell™ housing, the inboard preload element as well as the Patented1 Leak Proof Design™. 

These innovations make this sensor not only to the most precise but also the safest sensor available.

Patent list:

  • 505015 (AT)
  • 2 174 107 (EP)
  • 12/452,880 (US)

Designed with optimized service life for continuous cylinder pressure monitoring in Diesel and Gas engines.

  • Highest precision
  • High service life
  • Long term stable quality
  • Double Shell™ housing
  • Patented pre-stressed element
  • FE optimised membrane (Nickel based Alloy)
  • Compact design for shoulder sealed installation
  • Integrated charge amplifier with current or voltage output
  • High quality charge amplifier with state of the art drift compensation circuit
  • Optimized for service times as long as 20,000 hours