Ax5 Series

Whether your application is process control/quality assurance, condition monitoring, or fire prevention, the FLIR Ax5-Series can help your continuous automated processes run smoother. With a more robust design, ten field of view options, and extended operating temperature ranges, the A35 and A65 provide enhanced features at a better price. The A35/A65 models are also the only thermal imaging temperature sensors on the market to provide temperature linear output through GenICam™ compliant software.

The Ax5 series models are low-cost thermal imaging temperature sensors that come with a hgh quality camera. The FLIR Ax5-Series produces high quality thermal images that can show temperature differences as small as 50 mK. Record crisp, 640 x 512 pixel thermal images with the FLIR A65, or for less precise applications, the A35 generates 320 x 256 pixel thermal images that still allow you to easily track temperature changes.


System OverviewFLIR A65FLIR A35
IR resolution640 × 512 pixels320 × 256 pixels
Spatial resolution (IFOV)90° × 69° with 7.5 mm lens63° × 50° with 7.5 mm lens
45° × 37° with 13 mm lens48° × 39° with 9 mm lens
25° × 20° with 25 mm lens24° × 19.2° with 19 mm lens
12.4° × 9.92° with 50 mm lens13° × 10.8° with 35 mm lens
6.2° × 4.96° with 100 mm lens7.6° × 6.08° with 60 mm lens
Image frequency30 Hz60 Hz
Detector data
Detector pitch17 µm25 µm
Object temperature range-25°C to 135°C (-13 to 275°F) / –40°C to 550°C (-40 to 1022°F)