The FLIR E75 Thermal Camera of the Exx-Series combines all of the latest imaging and communication features with a resolution that has become the industry norm for professionals. A broad and excellent touchscreen provide intuitive menu navigation complete with support for multi-touch gestures. Use the built-in WiFi to connect the E75 to your tablet or smartphone so that a coworker or customer can look on. New technology even allows lenses to be added or shared without factory recalibration. And laser-guided autofocus will ensure that you and your images look your best.

The vibrant, clear pictures of the FLIR E75 camera starts with the 320 x 240 thermal detector. As it has become more affordable, this resolution has become the workhorse of professionals in the maintenance, building, and electrical fields. And it has never looked better thanks to new lenses, a new screen, and an extraordinary sensitivity down to 0.03 °C. The detection and temperature measurement range of the E75 is an impressive -4 to 1200 °F (-20 to 650 °C). Lenses are available in standard, wide-angle, and telephoto configurations, and are now delivered factory calibrated. An individual chip on the lens stores calibration data and allows the lens to be added to a camera without returning for factory recalibration. Lenses can even be swapped between cameras as needed.


  • 320 x 240 resolution, 76,800 pixels
  • Sensitivity of 0.03 °C
  • 160° viewing angle
  • View and measure temperatures from -4 to 1200 °F (-20 to 650 °C)
  • Laser autofocus
  • MSX and UltraMax imaging
  • Records images and video
  • WiFi and Bluetooth for live streaming and capture to Apple and Android devices