The M-618CS is the most advanced member of FLIR’s industry-leading M-Series line of thermal night vision systems. The M-618CS combines long-range thermal night vision with a color zoom camera and gyro-stabilization, making it the most capable system in its class.

High resolution thermal night vision640 x 480 resolution, along with 2× and 4× E-Zoom, provide clear, detailed images from farther away than you ever thought possible, even in total darkness.
Extended range performanceThe M-618CS’s 35 mm thermal lens can detect small vessels from over 3.5 km’s away, giving you more time to see and avoid potentially dangerous situations.
Active gyro-stabilizationProvides steady imagery, even in rough seas; this is critical for getting the most out of the M-618CS’s long-range cameras.
Color TV camera with 10x optical zoom Continuous zoom can match the thermal camera’s e-zoom for easy operation when switching between cameras.
Easy to install, integrate, and operateThe M-618CS is easy to use and install thanks to its standard video format and cutting-edge Ethernet connectivity.
Rugged waterproof gimbal enclosure Provides continuous 360° pan and +/-90° tilt field of view for horizon-to-horizon coverage.
Color on-screen symbologyDetailed, 3D color on-screen symbology gives you instant access to system status, position, and configuration.