Premet Online

The LEMAG PREMETonlinesystem is able to monitor and record the cylinder pressures of all cylinders of an engine permanently and in parallel. All data, e.g. Mean Indicated Pressure (MIP), maximum cylinder pressure, indicated power (KW/hp), torsional vibration and expansion pressure, is transferred to and displayed on a rugged industrial computer and can be transferred easily by e-mail. The features of the computer’s software are identical with those of the well known PPA Premet Performance Analyser software but include additional handling features for the online operation. All measured data can be transferred into the engine monitoring system if requested.

The system in general is Ethernet / LAN based as standard, this way the analysis of the measured data is possible from any computer connected to the local network system of the vessel or even worldwide remotely using the internet if requested.

The sensor design is based on the same reliable technology as the portable LEMAG PREMET systems but has been modified to withstand the harsh conditions of online measurements. This has resulted is a hardly ever known temperature resistance and long-term linearity, enabling real 24/7 monitoring of the engine condition.

They can be connected on top of the indicator valves or directly to the cylinder head.

The cylinder pressure sensors can be cleaned using compressed air to blow residues off the measuring diaphragm and the sensor calibration can be checked on site using a standard calibration pump.

The LEMAG PREMET online systems are running on many ships, power stations and oil rigs, operating on various fuel types including HFO, Diesel, LNG and even vegetable oils.

As a matter of course the sensors, which are manufactured by the Swiss company KISTLER Instrumente AG can run on all these fuels or mixtures thereof without restrictions

Product GMS ID: 
  • a permanently installed system to control
    engine performance
  • for main engines and auxiliary engines
  • for diesel and gas engines
  • for engines up to 20 cylinders
  • pressure measurement range 0-250 bar
  • tailored for individual solutions
  • robust and reliable technology