Slashpol E

The water-in-fuel emulsifier (WIF) LEMAG Slashpol E can reduce NOx and particle emissions adding water to the fuel oil. The LEMAG Slashpol Eemulsifier creates a homogeneous water in fuel emulsion with a droplet size of max. 5μm, which enables NOx and particle emission reductions across the marine and power station engine’s entire operating range.

The LEMAG Slashpol E control system allows the requested water content of the emulsion to be adjusted in small steps up to 50% and monitors all necessary process data like pressures, temperatures and water content.

The LEMAG Slashpol E is also equipped with an integrated safety package to increase the engine’s safety when running on water in fuel emulsion.

To ensure the LEMAG Slashpol E reaches its maximum potential, we can run in our own laboratory all kind of rotor speeds, temperatures, pressures and viscosity with MDO, HFO, bio fuels and all sorts of emulsions to find the best relationship between clearance and rotor speed and the best dosage for the Slashpol stabilizer for MDO (free of Xylene).

LEHMANN & MICHELS GmbH have many years of experience using water in fuel emulsions to confirm the suitability of this procedure for daily use.

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