Type LS & PEAKmag

The LEMAG Peak Pressure Indicators measure the firing pressure of internal-combustion engines. In order to be free of residues, the indicator valve should be briefly blown through before starting the measurement. To take readings the instrument has to be connected to the indicator valve by means of a standarized connecting nut.

LEMAG's Peak Pressure Indicator is now ready for use. When the indicator valve is open the value on the pressure gauge will rise. Once it has reached the maximum pressure, close the indicator valve and reset using the vent screw fixed on the side.  and will remain on the maximum. By notice this value, this indicator valve must be closed and the instrument has to be reseted by using the vent screw fixed at the side. After that, the device is ready for taking new readings.

LEMAG Peak Pressure Indicators are designed for single measurements only (not for continuous operation). The respective measuring period should not exceed 30 sec. This is not a problem in normal practise, as peak pressure is indicated after 5 sec.


  • robust
  • precise
  • reliable
  • for all speed ranges
  • Type LS with GL type approval
  • incl. ISO 9001 certificate

available ranges:

  1. 0-140 bar; 0-180 bar;
  2. 0-220 bar; 0-250 bar;