Fuel Economy Monitor

The Fuel economy monitor gives you an accurate measurement of consumption in fuel. The input from the flowmeters give you valuable information in order to calculate the fuel costs. Next to the flowmeters (2 maximal) also a GPS or Speedlog signal can be connected. The consumption measurement from the flowmeters and the velocity can be combined to a measurement in use per distance. The advantages are:

- Transparancy of fuel consumption

- Low installation costs

- Simple and accurate measurement of fuel consumption

- Short or no down-time

- No maintenance necessary

- For all kinds of fuel, under difficult conditions and continued operation

- One solution for various engines

- Discover and prevent fuel theft

- Can sometimes be used with pre-installed meters

GMS Instruments can measure anything. We are specialized in developing these systems for our customers. With the specialists from GMS Instruments you are assured to have a very accurate measurement. In consultation with the customer the output can be determined so that the given information is of value to the user.

Some possible options and measurements are:

- Fuel temperature on each fuel meter in °C

- Temperature compensation

- Position and distance in Nm or km

- Distance specific consumption in ton/nM

- Consumption (24 hour, week, month, year)

- Trip information (resettable)

- On-shore information (through/via GPS)


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