GD-A2400 Gas Detector Head for Inside Furnace

The Riken Keiki GD-A2400 gas detector head for inside furnace is a detector for the high-boiling solvent in exhaust duct and furnace. The Riken Keiki GD-A2400 has a long sensor head of 250mm in length, that can operate at high temperatures, up till 160℃.


CategoryFixed gas detector
TypeDetector head
Target gasNMP (N-methylpyrrodidone)
Detection principleCatalytic combustion
Sampling methodDiffusion
Explosion proofFlameproof enclosure
ApprovalsATEX, TIIS, CE
Power source


Dimensions & Weight

Main body: 148(W) x 161(H) x 88(D) mm

Insert part: φ34 x 250 mmApprox 4.6kg

Operating temperature & Humidity

Main body: 0 to 50 ℃

Insert part: 0 to 160℃


Sebastian Kelderman