Gauge Protectors

AS-Schneider Gauge Protectors are used to protect pressure-sensing instruments against damage, loss of accuracy, and/or rupture in the event of excessive system pressure. The piston assembly works against an adjustable spring. The piston assembly contains a sealing mechanism to isolate system pressure from the instrument.

The Inlet to Outlet seal is an O-Ring, the sealing to atmosphere is realized by either another O-Ring (system pressures of more than 2 bar) or a diaphragm (for system pressures 0.4 up to 2.5 bar). As system pressure overcomes the force of the spring, the piston moves, causing the sealing system to close. The outlet side is now isolated from increasing system pressure and the instrument is protected. As system pressure drops to the reopening pressure (25% below the closing pressure), the valve opens again.

The maximum allowable working pressure (PS) is 600 bar, the maximum working temperature (TS) 80°C, resp. 60°C for our DVGW approved types S005.50.001.00DV / 201.00DV.


Types with DVGW approval, NACE, cleaned and degreased for oxygen service, bellows sealed etc