Designed to analyze moisture contamination in electronics grade HC used in semiconductor fabs, the DF-730’s highly sensitive performance is ideal for quality control and leak detection applications. Servomex’s industry-leading TDL sensing technology and a robust Herriot Cell enables a broad measurement range of 1ppb-10ppm. By ensuring moisture only comes into contact with minimal optical components, the DF-730’s performance is unaffected by loss in mirror reflectivity - ensuring a fast response measurement that is stable, accurate and consistent. 

This device is also optimized to deliver attractive affordability over product life. The use of leading-edge TDL sensing technology provides zero drift, helping to extend maintenance periods and reduce calibration needs; these aspects combine to make the DF-730 an ideal solution for semiconductor fabs, with its high performance, ultra-stable monitoring capability and considerable operational cost-savings.

  • Tunable Laser Diode (TDL) sensing provides high stability and minimal moisture contact with optical elements 
  • Broad detection range: 1ppb – 10ppm 
  • Operable via front panel or digital communication options 
  • Simplified ongoing maintenance requirements with no consumables required 
  • High reliability; repeatable baseline measurements unaffected by loss in mirror reflectivity


Sebastian Kelderman