The Puregas purifier is a getter-based purification unit designed for the purification of carrier gases chromatography (GC) and other analytical applications

Outlet impurity levels for O2, H2O, CO, CO2, H2, CH4 and N2 are reduced to low parts per billion (ppb) levels or below.

The patented Getter alloy operated at elevated temperatures, removes impurities by forming irreversible chemical bonds. Impurities will not be released under any circumstances when the purifier is operated within specification. 

  • Deep blue anodized exterior maintains a 45oC surface temperature 
  • Efficient ceramic fiber insulation with encapsulated heater coil 
  • 20 μm sintered filter on inlet and outlet
  • 1/8” compression fittings (Optional 1/8” VCR)


Sebastian Kelderman