SERVOTOUGH 1800 Oxygen Analyser

The Servomex 1800 Oxygen Analyser is a stable, accurate and highly specific oxygen analyser for safe area use. It is designed to reliably measure percent oxygen in many safety critical industrial applications. The technology that has been used in the SERVOTOUGH 1800 Oxygen Analyser is Servomex's unique paramagnetic cell, which offers a fast, linear, accurate, highly stable and selective response in a non-depleting rugged package.

  • Designed for safe area oxygen analysis
  • Low maintenance and re-calibration requirements
  • Special version for solvent bearing samples
  • Range of alarm outputs to aid integration with other systems
  • Easy to set up and operate

Looking to amplify your SERVOTOUGH 1800/1900 Oxygen Analyser with the Servomex 1162A? Ask our product specialist for the possibilities and further options. 


  • Fast response
  • Low cross sensitivity to background gases
  • Extremely low drift
  • Isolated 4-20mA analogue output
  • Concentration, range indication and flow fail alarm relay outputs
  • Reliable analogue based electronics
  • Solvent vapour tolerant version available
  • Weatherproof enclosure

Typical Applications:

  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Gas cylinder storage
  • Safety inerting monitoring
  • Marine inerting applications


Sebastian Kelderman