The Siemens SITRANS AW200 is a WirelessHART adapter which allows standard wired HART/4…20 mA devices to be connected to a WirelessHART network. By installing the SITRANS AW200 on an existing analog-wired HART device, users can utilise all diagnostic information at the maintenance station without any risk of impairing operation. In the case of a new installation, various proven HART transmitters can be used in combination with SITRANS AW200 for efficient measurement implementation.


  • HART/4...20 mA signal transmission via wireless
  • Up to 4 devices can be connected in multidrop mode
  • Configurable with standard tools support EDD – e. g. SIMATIC PDM, HART handheld communicator
  • Supports burst mode and event notification for adapter and subdevices
  • Power-up single connected device with battery or devices can be powered externally
  • Antenna position adjustable in vertical position
  • Direct mounting on the field device or separate mounting with mounting kit