Differential pressure measurement is a universal flow measurement for liquids, gases and vapours. Differential pressure flowmeter always provides accurate results even with large bores, high temperature and extreme pressure.

Primary differential pressure devices, like SITRANS F O orifice, are standardized mechanical flow sensors according DIN EN ISO 5167 which are used for volume and mass flow measurement. The SITRANS F O orifice are suitable for non-corrosive and corrosive gases, vapors and liquids; permissible operating temperature -60 to +570 °C. The created differential pressure will be converted with the help of a differential pressure transmitter SITRANS P-delta P into a proportional flow signal. For calculation of the SITRANS F O orifice to DIN EN ISO 5167 is a completed filled out questionnaire necessary.


  • Orifice flowmeters are very robust and can be used in a wide range of nominal diameters
  • Suitable for wide ranges of temperature and pressure
  • No calibration required as the process is standardised
  • The electronics required in addition can be used over a long distance from the measuring location
  • The differential pressure measurement is well known and has a large installed base