The Siemens SITRANS FC MASS 2100 DI 3-15 is suitable for accurate mass flow measurement for all kind of liquids and gases. The full bore design provides lower pressure loss due to same internal diameter throughout the entire sensor and the single tube construction without internal welds, reductions or flow splitters offers optimal hygiene, safety and CIP cleanability. The sensor is also characterised by having a large dynamic turn down range better than 500:1 and the market's thickest tube wall to ensure the highest integrity.

Integral heating is optionally available to avoid solidification of sensitive fluids during down time or period between discontinuing processes.

To make a complete flowmeter, the SITRANS F C MASS 2100 flow sensor must be combined with one of the following MASS transmitters: 

  • SITRANS F C MASS 6000 (only remote installation): For general industry applications
  • SIFLOW FC070: For direct integration into SIMATIC based systems


  • Centre-block design decouples process noise from the environment such as vibrations, pulsations, pressure shocks, etc. making installation flexible and versatile
  • Rugged and space saving sensor design in stainless steel matching all environments
  • Multiplug electrical connector and SENSORPROM enables true Plug & Play facilitating cost efficient installation and commissioning
  • 4-wire Pt1000 temperature measurement ensures optimum accuracy on mass flow, density and % fraction
  • Intrinsically safe Ia II C as standard, making service in hazardous area possible with out having to demount the sensor if the compact Ex d transmitter needs service