SITRANS FC MC2 DN 50-150/DN 20-80

The Siemens SITRANS FC MC2 DN 50 to 150 is suitable for accurate mass flow measurement for all kind of liquids due to the high accuracy, which is better than 0.15% of the mass flow rate. Due to the versatility, the meter is easy to install and is recognised for its high accuracy in a wide turndown range which is paramount in many applications.  

The sensor is designed with a parallel S-tube and optimal oriented inductive pick-ups enhancing the accuracy and turn-down range as well as a space saving compact split-flow sensor design facilitating low-pressure drop. The SITRANS F C MC2 is self-draining in both horizontal and vertical position.

The SITRANS F C MC2 also includes an EHEDG approved hygienic version based on the SITRANS F C MC2 standard design. The hygienic version comes in the sizes DN 20 to DN 80 covering the required sizes within food & beverage applications.  

In order to make a complete flowmeter, the SITRANS F C  MC2 flow sensor must be combined with one of the following MASS transmitters:

  • SITRANS F C MASS 6000 (only remote installation): For general industry applications
  • SIFLOW FC070: For direct integration into SIMATIC based systems


  • Space-saving dual sensor design facilitating low-pressure loss
  • Parallel S-tube design and optimal oriented inductive sensors enhances accuracy and turn-down range
  • Rigid enclosure design reduces the influence from pipeline vibration and thermal stress
  • EHEDG approved sensor design including a high variety of hygienic connectors
  • SENSORPROM enabling true Plug & Play facilitating cost efficient installation and commissioning
  • Enhanced safety with superior safe Ex-design EEx em [ib] IIC; ≤ DN 40: II 1/2 EEx em [ib] IIC T2-T6, ≥ DN 50: II 2G EEx em [ib] IIC T2-T6)