The Siemens SITRANS WF100 flowmeter is a low to medium capacity flowmeter for various product sizes, densities, and fluidities in restricted spaces.

WF100 is unaffected by corrosive, abrasive, or hot materials. Handling various product sizes, densities, and fluidities including fine powders such as sugar, the WF100 helps to improve final product, increase operating efficiency, and realize significant cost savings.

Dry bulk solids enter the flow guide producing a mechanical deflection as they strike the flowmeter sensing plate before continuing through the process unhindered. The WF100 converts the deflection into an electrical signal that feeds into an accompanying integrator, which instantaneously displays the flow rate and totalizes the weight.


  • Flowrates from  3 to 200 t/h (4 to 220 STPH)
  • Process temperature to +65 ºC (+150 ºF)