EC mAV 2 Monofunction Simulator

The SIKA EC mAV 2 monofunction simulator allows exceptional performance, endurance and reliability. The EC mAV 2 monofuntion simulator is developed for simple and flexible calibration and maintenance on-site. Several tests can be performed in a single operation without having to change instruments. The tough plastic housing of the SIKA EC mAV 2 is resistant to shocks and impacts and offers additional protection against vibrations in harsh environments. 


The backlit multifunction display ensures clear indication of input and output values as well as all adjustments.

High-speed call

Signal values needed time and again are permanently or flexibly stored in the simulator and can be recalled quickly at the push of a button.

Steps and ramps

An automatic program is generated for periodic calls. The type of signal, duration and value are defined. Start delay, the number of repetitions and a continuous linear increasing or decreasing characteristic can be individually programmed.


Current (mA)

Loop current signal generation

Loop current signal measurement

Accuracy (of rdg. + const.)

Current loop supply


0...22 mA

-1...22 mA

±0,05 %

24 V ±10 %, 22 mA

Voltage (V)

Voltage signal measurement

Accuracy (of rdg. + const.)


-0.2...28 V

± 0.02 %

Functions at generation

High-speed call values

Linear steps and remps


7 points (permanent) in 25 % steps