Force calibration sensor type FMKAL / FKAL

FMKAL and FKAL are ideal force sensors for calibrating testing machines. FMKAL covers smaller nominal forces, whereas FKAL is more suitable for larger nominal forces. The seventeen versions in our range cover ranges from 0–50N to 0–1 MN. SIKA supplies a sensor to match practically any force calibration application.


The SIKA FMKAL and FKAL calibration sensors are tailored to the requirements of force calibration systems. Thanks to excellent technical characteristics with regard to accuracy and mechanical structure, these sensors deliver optimum performance.

The monolithic structure, optimised by the finite elements method, results in a compact design, low own weight and straightforward integration of the sensor into the process. Consequently, the sensors can easily serve as force references in confined spaces.

Eccentric forces can be almost entirely offset.


Rated force
50 N to 5 kN (FMKAL)
10 kN to 1000 kN (FKAL)
Force transfer directionCompression and tension
ISO 376 accuracy class

Nominal Sensitivity2 mV / V
MaterialStainless steel