MH 3181 Hand-held Pressure Meter

The SIKA MH 3181 is a digital universal pressure hand-held instrument with an internal piezoresistive pressure sensor for air and non-corrosive / ionising gases and fluids. What makes the SIKA MH 3181 hand held pressure meter different from the SIKA 3161 hand held pressure meter is the fact that the MH 3181 had the possibility to store data. 


Measuring ranges

-1.00...25.00 mbar (rel.) / 0.01 mbar

-10.0...350.0 mbar (rel.) / 0.1 mbar

0...1000 mbar (abs.) / 1 mbar

-100...2000 mbar (rel.) / 1 mbar

Accuracy±0.2 % full scale (hysteresis and linearity)
Pressure typesOverpressure, negative pressure, differential and absolute pressure, air pressure/ barometer, vacuum
Inputs2 x metal connection plugs for pressure hose 6 x 1 mm

Analogue output 0...1 V

Scalable for easy data readout

Alarm and time display

Min-max alarm signal via display, interface and buzzer

Real time clock with date and year indication

Data storage 



99 dataset (measured value, min/max value, time, date)

Manual dataset reading via keystroke


9999 dataset (measured value, min/max value, time, date)

Automatic dataset reading in the set interval

Adjustable measurement interval 1 sec... 60 minutes

Measuring rate





4 measurements / sec.

100 measurements / sec.

1000 measurements / sec.