P 4 Pneumatic Hand Test Pump

The SIKA P 4 pneumatic hand test pump is designed to enable the direct connection of all pressure systems to be tested using adapters. The test sample is easily connected using the rugged industrial hose with integrated quick coupling and supplied adapters. The reference is fitted directly at the top of the pump using a positioning adapter.

The required test pressure is initially generated using the handles and then adjusted precisely with the fine adjustment valve. As a result, the pressure on both instruments is the same. The pressure relief valve allows continuous pressure reduction and ensures accurate and easy testing, even with decreasing pressure.

Air is used as pressure media. Especially in application areas in which wetting of the test sample is not allowed, or the use of aggressive or ionising substances must be avoided, air is the ideal test medium. SIKA‘s pneumatic test pump type P4 fulfils requirements that in many cases can only be covered by several pumps from other suppliers.

In the simplest case, the pressure is indicated by an analogue pressure gauge. An easy to read digital pressure gauge or hand-held instrument can also be used. The accuracy or adjustment of the pressure measuring device being tested can be checked by comparing the indicated reference value with the measured value for the device under test.

OEM version and full version

Depending on the model a matching pressure hose is part of the basic configuration of the OEM version of the test pump. The hydraulic hoses are fitted with a self-sealing quick coupling. Inch, conical or metric adapters for all commonly used connection threads are available in the full version. A matching seal kit is also included with the pump. All of the equipment is held in a carrying case with a foam-rubber insert.


OEM version

Pressure medium





Approx. 240 x 170 x 50 mm

Approx. 1.1 kg

Pressure ranges

Negative pressure

Positive pressure


-0.95 bar


60 bar



Test sample


G¼ with quick coupling and pressure hose (1m)

Full version

Adapter kit

Gasket kit




Chrome-plated brass

Teflon Seals and O-rings

Approx. 450 x 370 x 110 mm

Approx. 4.2 kg