UC mAV.2 Monofunction Simulator

The SIKA UC mAV.2 monofunction simulator allows exceptional performance, endurance and reliability. The UC mAV.2 monofuntion simulator is developed for simple and flexible calibration and maintenance on-site. Several tests can be performed in a single operation without having to change instruments. The tough plastic housing of the SIKA UC mAV.2 is resistant to shocks and impacts and offers additional protection against vibrations in harsh environments. 

The synthesiser function can be used for the generation of a discontinuous characteristic with changing signal values. Previously programmed changing signal levels are displayed on the simulator.

This function allows the simple definition and successive call of different steps, ramps or synthesiser values for easier testing.

Calibration and linearisation points

If the measuring characteristics and deviations of a sensor are known, and these are available in the form of a calibration certificate, they should be taken into account in measurement to obtain accurate measuring results.

The simulator input can be shifted linearly by offset programming to approach the measuring characteristics of the sensor. This single-point calibration is the simplest and most popular method for improving measuring results.

Multipoint calibration can be used for greater measuring accuracy. The input is configured by means of four linearisation points to the real sensor characteristics to compensate for linearity errors. Up to five different calibration data files can be directly stored and easily recalled as required.


Current (mA)

Loop current signal generation

Loop current signal measurement

Accuracy (of rdg. + const.)

Current loop supply

HART communication protective resistor


0(4)...25 mA

-6...25 mA

±0,015 %

24 V ±10 %, 25 mA

250 Ω

Voltage (V)

Voltage signal generation

Voltage signal measurement

Accuracy (of rdg. + const.)


 0...10(15) V

-5...50 V

± 0.015 %


Continuity measurement

Switching threshold "open"


O / C

1 kΩ