T8100 Navitrag

The Trafag T8100 navitrag temperature transmitter is designed for applications in Shipbuilding, Railways, HVAC and Refrigeration. The T8100 navitrag works on a PT100 measuring principle wich is capable of a measuring range of -50°C all the way up to +550°C. For more information about the Trafag T8100 navitrag; please contact our product specialist.


  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Protection IP65
  • EMC protection, IEC 61000
  • Complies with IEC 60 571 (railway)
ApplicationsShipbuilding, Railways, HVAC, Refrigeration
CategoryTemperature Transmitter
Measuring principlePT100 (with/without)
Approval / conformity



4g 3.2 mm Amplitude

(50...2000 Hz) IEC 68-2-6

Media temperature

-50°C ... +550°C

Ambient temperature

-50°C ... +550°C


PT100 -50°C ... +250°C, Sensor: 1.4435/316L

PT100 +250°C ... +550°C, Sensor: MgO

Output signal4 ... 20 mA
TEB typ. @ -25 ... +85°C

-50°C to +550°C

Measuring range

-50°C to +550°C